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Dedicated to a Healthy happy berner

Dedicated to a Healthy happy berner

Dedicated to a Healthy happy bernerDedicated to a Healthy happy berner

Dedicated to a Healthy happy berner

Dedicated to a Healthy happy berner

Dedicated to a Healthy happy bernerDedicated to a Healthy happy bernerDedicated to a Healthy happy berner

Photo above of Kelley with Kacey and Lucy

Kelley with female dogs
Kelley with female dogs

Photo above of Kelley with Kacey and Lucy

About Us


Who is Lucchese Bernese Mountain Dogs?

My name is Kelley Neill and I am the owner of Lucchese Bernese Mountain Dogs! Here at Lucchese Bernese we raise purebred AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our family includes myself, my husband Mike, our 3 children and our Bernese Mountain Dogs, Kacey Kona, and Jasper. 


 We live on 16 acres in Bellevue, Ohio where we raise show cattle as well as Bernese Mountain Dogs. We are a very small kennel and only breed after careful study of the dog pedigree as well as health clearances and temperament. 

Kelley and pups

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

I am a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America where we do a lot of breed education as well as monthly meetups! Please check my fb page Lucchese Bernese for current litters and breedings as it is kept up to date! 

We believe in all health clearances specific to the breed including OFA hips/elbow .. eyes.. heart .. Vonwillibrans .. DM and choosing bloodlines with longevity!!! All of the health clearances of our dogs and puppies we have bred are available at - Berner Garde Is a database for the breed that is available to the public - all information submitted has to be verified with documentation before it is added! You can look up any breeder or any Bernese mountain dog and their health data - for free!! 

We also feel that a Bernese should have the typical temperament and look of a Berner- therefore breed type and temperament are also major considerations when choosing pedigrees! We do show in conformation - this is a way to have our dogs evaluated by experts in the breed that agree that our Bernese mountain dogs look and behave in a way that a Bernese should! It is also a checks and balances to make sure that our dogs are within the breed standard. Just because we show in confirmation does not mean we only raise “Show dogs”. Our main priority is raising Bernese Mountain Dogs that will bless those who adopt them in whatever way they choose. This may be confirmation.. obedience.. rally.. carting.. and the most common is the family companion- which is always the first goal!! Either way- the same health considerations go into the family companion as the show dogs! Please feel free to reach out to me by email, text or Facebook with any questions you may have! We do many visits each year with people who want to meet the adult dogs as well as everyone here and see where their potential puppy is going to be raised- we encourage this!!!!! This is a very special breed but they do come with some serious potential health issues if they are not bred appropriately. Check out our page and please- do not hesitate to contact me with questions!


Our berners

Kacey : CH Spellbounds Legend of Lucchese finished her championship in the fall of 2018 at 2.5 years old in 3 weekends! Kacey has a wonderful temperament- as a Berner should- and enjoys her days hanging out with the kids and napping on the couch! Kacey gives the best hugs and quickly captures the hearts of everyone who meets her!

We also kept a female from the Hawaiian litter -- Introducing the newest Lucchese girl - Lucchese's Island Girl 'Kona'

Jasper: Mount Magic’s Kosmic Connection
8 wks
Bred by and Co- owned with Simone Nagel 

Lucy was my first Bernese and very special to our family. Sadly, we lost Lucy this fall to Mammary Cancer. 

Contact Us

There is also a questionnaire located on the contact us page of the website you will need to fill out if you are interested in adopting a Lucchese BMD.

Click here to go to questionnaire!

Lucchese Bernese Mountain Dogs

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